Fans respond to a new video of BBNaija stars Ozo and Nengi in Ghana by saying, “They are acting like enemies.”

Nengi and Ozo, a former BBNaija pair, recently posted a video from Ghana that sparked online discussion.

As brand ambassadors for the cosmetics company Jenny’s Glow Nigeria, the two spent time with their coworkers Angel JB Smith, WhiteMoney, and Comedian Real WarriPikin in Ghana.

The greeting of Angel and WhiteMoney by Ozo and WarriPikin at the Accra airport was caught on camera.

While WarriPikin entertained the visitors, another section of the video showed Whitemoney seated in-between Ozo and Nengi.

Fans reported that neither Ozo nor Nengi spoke to one another at the event or even made much eye contact.

As a result, followers of the couple were devastated because some still believed they would have been a great couple.

See the video and comments below:

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