Family investigates how inmate jailed 17 months got pregnant By Philips Ochukhe

A 26-year-old Latoni Daniel who has been jailed for 17 months is set to give birth to her first child this month after being allegedly pregnant through sedative prescription.

The U.S. National Guard veteran became pregnant while at a Coosa County jail in Rockford, but she says she has no memory of having sex.

Meanwhile, relatives of the jailed Alabama woman are questioning how the woman became pregnant.

Latoni, Ransaw’s 26-year-old sister, has been jailed without bail for about 17 months and is eight months pregnant. On Dec. 5, 2017, she was charged with capital murder in the Coosa County robbery and fatal shooting of 87-year-old Thomas Virgil Chandler.

According to Ransaw, “She wasn’t pregnant when she went to jail.”


Attorney Mickey McDermott says he believes his client was raped while taking sedatives prescribed to treat seizures. Daniel’s brother, Terrell Ransaw, says Daniel didn’t have seizures before she was jailed.

County District Attorney Jeff Willis says Daniel’s pregnancy is under investigation.

Daniel is accused of being the getaway driver in a fatal shooting and is charged with capital murder. She was transferred to another jail once her pregnancy was revealed.

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