False Rape Claim Ruined My Life – Teenager

Jordan Trengrove, from Cumbria, has told of a horrific ordeal where he was held in police custody for 10 weeks after a woman made a false rape claim against him

Jordan Trengrove, from Barrow, Cumbria, said that even after the charges were dropped he had the windows of his house smashed and abuse sprayed on the walls while fearing being attacked.

He was arrested, aged 18, after Ellie Williams, who he had only met on a night out once, claimed to police he had raped her at a flat and remanded in custody.

Eventually, Jordan was released from jail and his charges dropped after Williams’ lies were finally exposed.

Now, after the 22-year-old woman has been convicted of perverting the course of justice – which included fabricating a story about a grooming gang drugging and raping young girls – Jordan has been able to speak about his horrifying time in jail and life after.

Jordan said he had met Williams on a night out with friends in a nightclub. They spent two hours with her, and then went their separate ways, reports LancsLive.

“I knew of her, because she worked there, but that was it”, said Jordan.

When the lads moved to another bar, he said Williams tagged along: “We said she could come with us, because we are nice people. But later she disappeared and someone said she was being sick on the stairs, so we carried on with our night out.”

At the end of the evening, Jordan took a taxi back to a friend’s house, with another girl. Later he was taken home by Cumbria Police.

Then a few days later, he was arrested on suspicion of rape, after Williams claimed he had attacked her at her flat in Steamer Street.

“I had a solid alibi”, he said. “I had been with the police. I was disgusted and I was confused. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Jordan, who now lives in Ulverston, was held in a police station and questioned about Williams’ accusations before being released on bail. Then a few days later he was arrested again, accused of attacking Williams, and on May 19, 2019, the police arrested Jordan for a third time after Williams claimed he had spiked her and raped her.

So a week before his 19th birthday, Jordan was remanded in custody and sent to prison to await trial, where he was locked up with a self-confessed paedophile.

“It was horrible”, he said. “You don’t want to be in prison if you have done something but to be there when you’ve done nothing wrong is just awful. I didn’t really leave my cell.”

After 10 weeks in prison, Jordan’s barrister made a successful bail application, and he was allowed to leave but the teenager could not return home to Barrow. He was ordered to stay in Workington, more than 50 miles from home, and sign on at a police station every other day.

Then, a week and a half later, Jordan received a phone call to tell him the charges had been dropped and he was formally acquitted of any wrongdoing.

“It was a relief”, he said, “but I still questioned why I’d been accused of all this. My case had been reported in the paper and mud stuck. When I returned to Barrow I had my windows smashed, and someone sprayed rapist on my house.”

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