Fake Nigerian lawyer arrested in South Africa for corruption

Lawrence Chinagorom Uche, a 53-year-old Nigerian national, was detained in South Africa on suspicion of posing as an attorney.

Fake Nigerian lawyer arrested in South Africa for corruption

Following the execution of a warrant issued by the Vereeniging Magistrates Court in November 2022, Uche was detained last Friday.

On Monday, February 13, 2023, the suspect appeared in court, and the case was continued until Friday.

Uche’s fraud of posing as an attorney in and near courts in the Vaal has been discovered by the Hawks Serious Corruption probe. According to a statement released by Hawks spokesperson Captain Lloyd Ramovha, an affidavit filed by an investigating officer in an alleged rape case served as the impetus for the probe.

The affidavit’s details concerned the investigator’s ongoing communications with the victim’s family over the phone.

The family was reportedly demanding the release of the accused as they had paid money to Uche, who claimed to have paid a portion to the investigator for the case not to proceed.?

Ramovha said it was believed that other people might have fallen victim to Uche?s scam, which enabled him to steal money from victims under false pretences.

The Hawks appealed to those who might have fallen victim to Uche?s scam to call Captain Makgetha Mohominyane on 0824125069

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