Exceptional 11-year-old boy beats Bill Gates in IQ test, becomes one of the smartest persons in the world

An exceptional 11-year-old boy from London, United Kingdom, named Ramarni Wilfredm beat Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on an IQ test by scoring 162, which was higher than Gates’ score of 160.

Ramarni Wilfredm, who is today classified in the top 1% of intelligent people in the UK, showed hints of genius when he was just a little boy. His mother Anthea claims that by the time he entered preschool, he could read and write. His favorite book to read was an encyclopedia.

Ramarni was only ten years old when he produced a philosophy paper on justice that earned him an honorary degree from the esteemed Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

“By the time he was three he could read and write and from 18 months we discussed the news and his favorite book was an encyclopedia,” his mother Anthea, said.

His remarkable brilliance attracted the attention of Mensa, the world’s largest association for intelligent individuals. A group of intelligent people from all across the world is called Mensa. Mensa membership qualifications include passing an approved IQ test with a score of at least 98th percentile.

The IQ test consisted of a range of tasks that evaluated short-term memory, analytical reasoning, math skills, and spatial perception, among other characteristics of intelligence.

In that period, William Gates’ IQ test result was 160. Ramarni, who took the test when she was 11, achieved a score of 162.

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