“Everywhere choke”- Ayra Starr trends as her song is used as soundtrack for Creed III

Ayra Starr, a young Nigerian female singer, has distinguished herself as an amazing artist and her most recent accomplishment is a testament to her talent, hard work, and growth.

In a recent post she made on her page to honour a couple of her worldwide accomplishments, Ayra Starr surprised a lot of people.

She then celebrated the release of her most recent single while announcing that Creed III, an American action film, would feature her voice and song as its soundtrack.

The third Creed spin-off film for which Ayra composed the score is expected to be a huge success if the thriller is any indication.


@ms_dsf: “THAT girl .”

@aladelion: “Sabi Girl or No girl ❤️ Let’s go.”

@nitro_miles: “When you sing creed.”

@hommies_wears: “Sabi girl doings.”

@kingest_fahad: “Baddest B*sh that ever liveth!”

@smoothallysyn: “Sabi girl.”

@ini_cash: “Everywhere red o .”

@crayonthis: “That’s HER.”

@bas: “You blesssedddd. DESERVED TO HEARD!! proud of you”

@simplysayo: ” beaurrrriiifuuullll !!!”

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