Emdee is absolutely not at fault. Leo Da Silva, a reality television star, argues in favor of the UK-based YouTuber, saying, “UK always cracks down on anything that will benefit other nationalities in the UK.”

He claimed that regardless of the interview, the UK would have enacted the strategy.

Leo Da Silva, a reality TV star, has come to Emdee Tiamiyu’s support after the YouTuber from the UK received harsh criticism for a recent interview he gave to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Emdee stated in the interview that many Nigerians enter the UK pretending to be students when they actually have a secret plan to “japa” and find better chances in the nation.

He said this just before the UK instituted a rule prohibiting international students from enrolling in schools below the PhD level with family members.

Many Nigerians were unhappy with the interview and didn’t think twice about dragging him to the gutter for ‘exposing’ his countrymen’s closely held secret. Some also believed that Nigerians would find it difficult to immigrate to the UK since the video proof would be used against them in the future.

Leo Da Silva, a previous contestant on Big Brother Naija, reacted to the controversy by defending Tiamiyu on Twitter. He claimed that it was not his responsibility because UK would have enforced the policy with or without the interview.

He cited his ten years of residence in the country as proof that UK authorities consistently crack down on activities that will benefit other nationalities there.

Leo DaSilva claims that the interview with Emdee was simply necessary for PR purposes to avoid seeming prejudiced or racist.

He wrote in a series of tweets,

“I just want to point this out, this also happened to us in England a few years after in 2010. Conservatives changed many immigration laws for us.
The UK have done this constantly and they just needed this PR not to seem prejudice/racist.
He is not at fault at all.
We will eventually have to focus on developing Nigeria.

Emdee Tiamiyu is not at fault, it also happened to us in EN-
“Tiamuyu is not at fault at all. UK always clamp down on anything that will benefit other nationalities in the UK” Reality TV star, Leo Da Silva defends the UK-based Youtuber.

Anything that will benefit other people from another country in the Uk, the Uk will always clamp down on it.
You can do your research.
They never really want any benefit for anyone asides their own people.
This is why I always advise Canada or America.”

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