Egungun, an Instagram skit maker, purchases two cars in honor of his birthday.

Nigerian content creator Kuye Adegoke, often known as Egungun, spent millions of naira on two brand-new vehicles.

He’ll be approaching a new age soon, so he decided to buy himself a Lexus and a Honda as early birthday presents.

On Tuesday, the comedian posted a message on Instagram informing his followers of the good news and displaying the whips in other pictures.

When Egungun revealed that he had secured an endorsement deal with the vehicle dealership, a third blessing was added.

He wrote; “Birthday Gift Came Early🥵🥵🥵 2bundles of joy as I got my new Whip and also sign an endorsement deal with

Happy birthday from me to me 🎊🎊🎊 Double Blessings😎How much does your whip cost🥵🥵e choket!!!”

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