Duke of Sussex’s Memoir Contains ‘Minutes Details’ On Fight With Prince of Wales

It is anticipated that Prince Harry’s soon-to-be-published memoir will continue to criticize his brother and shine a new light on the sour rivalries within the Royal family.

According to rumors, the Duke may also criticize his sister-in-law Catherine, the Princess of Wales, so palace officials are preparing for more unpleasant charges if he chooses to discuss his tumultuous relationship with Prince William.

On January 10, Prince Harry’s autobiography Spare will be released. According to its publishers, it is “a major publication filled of insight, revelation, and self-examination” and was written with “raw, unflinching honesty.”

However, many who have read Prince Harry’s autobiography claim that the brothers’ relationship is likely to further disintegrate as a result of his story.

Generally speaking, I believe the book will be more detrimental to them than what the Royal family anticipates, an insider told The Sunday Times. “Everything is exposed. Charles does better than I had anticipated, but William takes a lot of heat, and even Kate receives some criticism.

The source added: “There are these minute details, and a description of the fight between the brothers. I personally can’t see how Harry and William will be able to reconcile after this.” 

It comes just a few weeks after the Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary laid bare the extent of the falling out between Princes William and Harry.

The Duke claimed in the documentary series that his brother “screamed and shouted” at him in January 2020 during crisis talks about the Sussexes leaving the UK.

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