Drama as bride fumbles to get into car due to her form-fitting bridal gown

The team was attempting to get her into the car, and the footage shows quite a bit of chaos.

A minor incident developed when a bride couldn’t get into the automobile that was supposed to take her to the location of her wedding because of the tight-fitting bridal dress.

The agonizing moment the bride needed help getting into the car because of her corseted wedding dress was captured in a video that is currently circulating online.

She struggled to breathe and move her body freely since the bridal dress was so restrictive.

In the viral video, a man is seen assisting the bride in getting into the car while another person assisted position the bride’s extravagant dress and get her legs inside the vehicle.

As the team struggled to get her into the car, which they fortunately were able to do, the video was rather hectic.

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