“Don’t try to make out that your money comes from your labor” – Deyemi Okanlawon makes fun of politicians in Nigeria and others.

Deyemi Okanlawon, a well-known Nollywood actor, has criticized Nigerian politicians for hiding behind the excuse that their wealth was the result of hard work.

The actor, who is known for always telling the truth, claimed on the microblogging site Twitter that people had a right to their lifestyle, consequences, and decisions as long as they did not act otherwise.

He felt it was pointless for them to mislead hardworking young people about their means of support by acting and lying about it.

He wrote;

“Anyone man/woman is entitled to: 1 Whatever life they choose 2 Whatever decisions they make 3 Consequences of the above if any.
Just try not to pretend your hard work is the source of your money/lifestyle & cause confusion & despair in the lives of our hustling younger ones!
This public service announcement is for Nigerian politicians and anyone else concerned as well”.

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