“Don’t look for the devil anywhere. They are the majority of the politicians in Nigeria” – DJ Switch writes

In order to gain and hold onto power, politicians allegedly kill individuals either directly or through thuggery, according to DJ Switch.

Obianuju Catherine Udeh, often known as DJ Switch, is a well-known Nigerian activist and disc jockey who claims that most politicians in her country are evil.

DJ Switch claimed in a series of tweets that were published online that the ritualists that people hear about are actually the politicians that murder people intentionally or unintentionally in order to gain and maintain power.

She believes it is evil for politicians to use public funds to give their family the highest quality of life and send their kids to a foreign school while neglecting the needs and suffering of the general populace.

Read her tweet below,

“A Thread!

“The Devil You Know”

Don’t look for the devil anywhere… they are in Nigeria, they are the majority of our political elites. The ritualists you hear about should be demystified by now because they are your political elites! You cannot tell me nothing…

If it is okay for politicians to kill their citizens, either personally or through the security agencies or through thuggery to retain/gain/steal power then that is ritualistic sacrifice! If it is okay for politicians that are well travelled and they believe their children should have the best education/vacation/medical attention while they siphon the people’s money to sponsor their personal lives and that of their families while the people suffer then they are devilish to the core… no single source of light is in them. You are dealing with satanic occultists and I don’t even believe in half of these things but this has got to be the hell that the Bible is referring to.”

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