Don’t👎 Accept Dirty Money, Mutua Tells💬 Church Leaders

Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader Alfred Mutua on Sunday rekindled the debate on the role of churches in fight against corruption in the country, challenging clerics to reject ‘dirty money.’

Addressing thousands of faithful at Africa Inland Church (AIC) Kasarani in Nairobi, Mutua said religious leaders have an obligation to question the source of any money offered in churches, saying God cannot accept a dirty offering.

Mutua, who was hosted by the AIC presiding bishop, Silas Yego said church leaders should interrogate suspect offerings brought in churches, particularly by political leaders.

“It is not right for bishops and reverends to say they will not question the sources of money brought as offerings to churches. God does not need corruption money to get his work done,” said Dr Mutua who is also the Machakos governor.

Source: Duta news

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