“Do I look like someone who wears fake?” — Peter Okoye shuns lady who wanted to test his diamond chain

The artist took offense to the demand and questioned whether the man wore phony jewels.

Mr. P, a popular Nigerian artist, recently declined a woman’s request to check the validity of his jewelry while he was performing.

The moment the content producer approached the musician and asked for permission to test his diamond chain is caught on camera and is doing the rounds online.

The singer was angered by the question and inquired if, given his fame profile and social standing, he appeared to be wearing false jewels.

He claimed that he was rushing to get on stage and forbade her from testing his jewelry in order to get out of the somewhat “embarrassing” scenario.

“Do I look like somebody who wears fake?,” he asked as he walked away.

Online, the video has generated conflicting opinions. view below.

@aderin_adeshola_xo wrote, “It’s content and if he wasn’t cool with it then maybe he was wearing a fake chain because they asked nicely ”

@homelybae_ wrote, “This is actually disrespectful either original or fake,you don’t walk up to people testing what they wear”

@jennifer_dairies wrote, “Can you imagine our own psquare… the girl no rate am at all”

@melanin_vickeey wrote, “I wish it was burna boy him for kick your head,They gifted you tester for Valentine e Dey shack you…”

@officialamaya wrote, “I don’t see anything wrong or any disrespect. Oyibo now dem go allow u check but we african everything na insult to us .”

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