Ugandan business woman Zari Hassan and estranged wife of Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz, is an example of beauty and brains, the boss lady is blessed with an amazing voice which prompted Nigerians film makers to strike a deal with her but however the queen declined the offer.

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The mother of five has come out to disclose the reasons that made her refuse to take movie offers from Nollywood.

In an interview Zari said she declined all offers that came her way, because they needed her to move to Nigeria.

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She went on to say that the offers required that she traveled down to Nigeria for the shooting, but checking out the cost and comparing it with the amount offered was quite discouraging.

“For movies yes nimekuwa na offers kidogo from Nigeria, but the problem kidogo it needed me to move to Nigeria. Na shooting is not something you are going to do in a week, it takes a bit of time and some of the offers I declined because the time was too long and the money was not enough for me to leave my family, my work. So ikitokea a good offer for movie why not. I’m talented and I can multitask ,” said Zari Hassan.

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The mother of five who is already engaged to her new man Kingbae was asked if she can be a video vixen.“Video vixen I think I’m bigger than that honestly mtu kama atanilipa pesa ngapi for me to be a video vixen. Yaani I’ve gone past that stage,” she said.Meanwhile, Diamond Platinumz had earrlier accused his ex Ugandan lover Zari of cheating on him with Nigerian musician Peter formerly of the Psquare duo.

He said that his baby mama had also had an affair with her Kenyan personal trainer while the two were in a relationship. He said that he forgave Zari for the affairs which he knew about, because he was also moving out in the relationship.

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Platnumz and ex-wife, Zari

The singer revealed that the cause of the rift between the two was majorly the distance that forced him to become unfaithful as he needed a companion and that video call was not enough.

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Platinumz also said that it was true that he had not pay child support for his children who lived in South Africa for a few months as he felt that Zari was using the children to hurt him by denying him access.

He said that the mother of five who blocked him from social media had refused to give him a contact person for the children and yet she would not pick his calls.

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Diamond alleges that his children were to visit him in Tanzania during school holidays but their mother gave conditions which he was not comfortable with.

The popular Tanzanian singer said that he would wish that all his kids expenses were paid directly and not given to Zari personally. He however said that his mother Sanura was still in communication with the children, Latifah Dangote and Nilan Dangote.

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He also revealed that all his troubles with Zari started when he announced and seemed to be in a serious relationship with Kenyan radio presenter, Tanasha Donna Oketch.


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