Denying Saint Obi his children ultimately led to his death, OAP Dotun says, berating those who keep their children from seeing their mother or father.

A month prior, Dotun had criticized his ex-wife for preventing him from seeing their girls.

Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode, often known as Dotun, is a well-known media personality from Nigeria. She has harshly condemned resentful parents who keep their children from interacting with their ex-partner.

Dotun expressed his annoyance with these folks for weaponizing their children and using them to battle their ex-partners in a series of tweets that were posted on Twitter.

His outburst occurs one month after he asked access to their girls and shouted out his ex-wife for denying him access.

He added that he had recently spoken with a relative of the late actor Saint Obi, who disclosed that the actor had been refused access to his kids and that his battle to see them had ultimately taken his life.

Remember that on Sunday, May 7, 2023, at the age of 57, Saint Obi departed from this life due to a prolonged illness. But later on, his friend, the filmmaker Zeb Ejiro, came out to say how his death was caused by the excruciating suffering he endured in his marriage.

Read the post below;

“I spoke to a family member of Saint Obi. He passed away in their house in Jos & you have absolutely no idea what that man went through. Denying him his kids & fighting eventually took his life. You believe you are winning a fight by weaponizing kids? am sorry;

Hello men and women, children are not properties. Kids are your responsibilities not your tools. They are not your bargaining chips. They also have the right to choose. You were hurt but that’s you and the person that hurt you. If they are a pawn In your fight then you are EVIL!

Let’s normalize the fact that kids are not objects. Kids have rights. When a child demands the right to see a parent or be with them and you deny them. You have trampled on their rights. Listen! A child is not a material meant for one person to keep. It’s commonsense

It takes alot for a man to come out and speak and I mean alot. Respect that Fact first before you speak. Do you know how many things he had tried before it gets here? Do you know? It’s cos most women know men won’t or might not speak is why they do these things.”

See his tweet below,

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