Dancer Korra Obidi sobs, “This is not the way to live,” after accidentally recording her daughter June on Instagram Live despite a court order.

Since the court forbade her from sharing pictures of her children on social media, she has been walking on eggshells and feeling like a prisoner in her own home, she lamented vehemently.

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer and vocalist who lives in the US, posted on social media about feeling confined in her home.

In spite of a US Court injunction, one of her kids, June, unintentionally showed up during her Instagram live session.

Recall that a court recently ordered Korra and her estranged husband to stop sharing pictures of their kids on social media in California, United States of America.

The former couple, who are the parents of June Dean and Athena Dean, were ordered by the court in a document dated January 19, 2022, not to publish any content with their children in it on social media for the time being.

On the other hand, the mother of two was on Instagram Live on Monday in the kitchen area when her sleeping daughter abruptly woke up and came to meet her.

When Korra saw that the footage showed June approaching, she was overcome with panic and swiftly pulled the camera away from June.

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