Daddy Freeze reacts to Funke Adejumo’s sermon on wives & sidechicks

Daddy Freeze, has reacted to Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo‘s sermon on how married women should treat their husbands’ side-chic.

According to her Felix-Adejumo, women should not bother fighting the said, ‘Sidechick’, but instead dress well, then walk in a way that she’d see them (the wife) and let her know (the sidechick) that she’s not bothered. (Watch Video HERE)

She said,

“Why must you kill yourself because one useless girl slept with your husband. Don’t ever go and fight with the woman just pop up your dressing and make sure you walk in a way that she will see you and let her know you are not bothered. Ajeku mi lo n je.” (You are eating my left-over”

However, Freeze stated that what the preacher said is not God’s teaching, but that of man.

In his reaction, Daddy Freeze likened the teaching to that of the gospel of Cardi B and Offset

He wrote,

When the church starts preaching the gospel of Offset and CardiB…🙄

So when your husband comes back home to you and you kiss him, you’ll be tasting her___________(fill in the blanks)

You are not bothered?🤣 90% of men who cheat run down their wives, saying crap like; they don’t love their wives who are no longer sexually appealing and are now fat, so while you are strutting around in your new clothes like an anorexic peacock, the other girl is the one laughing her ass off.🤣

This is the ideology of man, NOT of God. If you catch your husband or wife cheating, divorce them and move on, unless they are truly remorseful! ~FRZ

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