Comedian Lande’s wife cries uncontrollably as she denies frustrating him out of their home

Ijoba Lande’s wife has reportedly refuted that she is not the cause of his husband’s depression.

Comedian Lande

Remember how she begged for help a few days ago when her husband, Ganiyu Kehinde, went missing?

On March 26, she posted a request for assistance on Instagram, saying: “This is to inform the public that IJOBA LANDE left home for an unidentified location on the 26th of March around 9:00 pm and up to this point we can find him. We have reported the case to the nearest police station and with their help we send signal to radio station please if you noticed anything you can dm his account or @ijesaekun.

“He left his phone at home after breaking his fasting on the 26th that was the last time we heard from him.” she added

Lande was later found after 4 days and many accused his wife of being the reason he’s depressed, broke and frustrated. 

Some alleged that she brought her children from a previous relationship into their union and the responsibilities became too much for him. 

According to her, she said she has never frustrated her husband or placed unnecessary pressure on him. She’s also heard begging Lande to tell the world why he left home.

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