CNN features Hilda Baci, applauds her attempt to break record

Chef Hilda Baci has been featured on the website of international news outlet CNN, which has praised her for trying to beat the record for the longest cooking session.

Popular After setting out on a 4-day trek to break the longest cooking record set in 2019, Nigerian chef Hilda Baci became the buzz of the internet and a hot topic on most social media platforms.

Hilda Baci

The first female to hold the record of cooking for longest was an India chef called Lata Tondon. She cooked continuously for eighty-seven hours forty-five minutes.

However, Hilda Baci has broken that record by cooking for 100 hours, 55 recipes over 100 meals and fed over 3000 people.

Social media users especially Nigerians are currently eagerly waiting or Guinness World Records (GWR) to officially crown Hilda Baci the new record breaker.


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