Club Official Impregnates Female Player, Absconds With Her

A Tanzania Women’s Premier League club official has reportedly impregnated his female player and absconded with her.

Tanzania Women’s Premier League side, Fountain Gate Princess Football Club has been enmeshed in negative report after it emerged that their player, Peris Oside, a Kenyan citizen, was impregnated by one their unnamed managers

The club in a length letter explaining the development, noted that the said player was no longer under their payroll as her one-year contract with the club elapsed in May.

Peris Oside is a former Kenya U-17 and U-20 player and captained the latter.

The letter signed by the club’s executive director, Mr Japheth Makau, petitioned the leaders of Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and Federation of Football Tanzania (TRF), declaring their willingness to cooperate with the federations in investigating the act.

“The leadership of Fountain Gate Princess would like to give explanation regarding the incident that is related to our former player, Peris Oside a Kenyan citizen.”

“Paris Oside was signed by the Fountain Gate Princess in the month of June 2022 for a one-year contract until May 2023. Her contract was terminated due to clashes between both sides and she was farewelled in all procedures and given her rights as her contract demands.”

“We have received news that the player was in a relationship with one of our managers and that he has impregnated her. We as an institution have taken steps to write a letter to the accused and asking him to write a letter in response to those allegations. The suspect wrote a letter and denied the allegations. It has also become a concern for Hana and the leaders of “Football Kenya Federation” (FKF), “Federation of Football Tanzania” (TRF) and his family to know the steps to be taken in relation to this matter,” the club side in a statement obtained by this paper.

The club noted further that it has put the affected staff on suspension

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