Churchgoers are outraged at the pastor’s daughter’s mini-wedding attire.

The horrified looks on the faces of the wedding guests made it obvious that the dress had surprised them.

Recent wedding attire worn by the daughter of a Nigerian cleric made a daring statement, astounded relatives and friends.

Social media videos of the clergyman and his wife escorting their daughter down the aisle have gone viral, creating a significant online and offline stir.

The bride made an impressive debut as her parents escorted her to the altar wearing a miniature bridal gown and a beautiful veil. It was easy to see that their guests were stunned by the attire by the looks on their faces.

Numerous comments have been made in response to the video since it first appeared online, with many criticizing the bride in particular because she is a pastor’s daughter.

@amaka.maya wrote, “I’m a sucker for “Do what makes you happy” but sometimes if doing what makes you happy is insulting the people that matter in your life, you might want to rethink that choice.”

@thefoodnetworkingnig2 wrote, “The big grin on the daddy sure looks like that of an embarrassment cover up!
I want to see the dress without the veil though ”

@adaikwerre wrote, “Her parents are properly dressed. You can tell she’s just one of those krazy pastor’s daughters who don’t give an F even though her parents might have tried severally.”

@omalivingshow wrote, “When you have a child that is clearly bigger than you. The parents look embarrasse d and just covering up with smiles. Happy married life to her.”

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