Chinese Car Tracking Device Found Hidden Inside UK Government Car

An intelligence officer claims that a Chinese tracking device was discovered concealed in a UK government vehicle.

In the midst of rising security concerns, officials forensically checked automobiles and discovered “disturbing stuff”

According to a reliable security source, a sealed area of a car imported from China had at least one SIM card that might transmit location information.

Senior government officials and diplomats frequently drive the automobiles that were checked.

In response to worries that Chinese espionage services have been targeting UK ministers, a serving security intelligence official claimed the vehicles were “surgically deconstructed to the last nut and bolt.”

“It [the SIMs] enables the potential to study government over a period of months and years, continually registering movement, always building up a rich picture of activity,” the insider told inews.

“You can do it slowly and methodically over a very, very long time. That’s the vulnerability.”

According to a former GCHQ analyst, the aim is “more about quantity” and to fit as many as possible to “pinpoint in on sights of interest”.

It is understood Chinese car parts are fitted without being opened because of warranty and commercial agreements.

Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith has called for China to be recognised as a threat to the UK.

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