In a typical Nigerian family, the mother-in-law plays a prominent role in your marriage.  Some husbands give them so much power that they are the ones who set the rules of your relationships with the family and determine how comfortable or uncomfortable your marriage will be. In fact, in the Nigerian context, the happiness in your relationship depends on the kind of mother your spouse has.

This is why most people who are scared of getting married, because they don’t know the kind of mother in law they will get.Will she be kind? Supportive? Harsh? Two-faced? Or a huge torn in your flesh? That is why many it is not surprising that many women hope that their prospective mother in law dies before they meet their husband. Coming at you straight from marriage chronicles and personal experiences, here are the 7 Types of mother in laws you will meet in your marriage.Better brace for impact.1. The proud supporter

She has been rooting for your relationship since your spouse introduced you to them. Whenever you guys have an issue, she takes it upon herself to fix it.2. The mother for all

These ones are the best of them all. She looks after you and your spouse whenever she visits. And doesn’t want to know if you were married into the family or not. Because as far as she is concerned, you are her child now.3. The Protector

She is a combination of number 1 and 2. Nobody can mess with you, because you are under her protection. Everybody gives you your way because she is a “no-nonsense” mother in law.4. The Mama Bear

They act like you married your spouse just to kill their child. They are so over-protective. Because of their attitude, you normally respect your spouse and keep your feelings in check. If you mess up and your partner reports you, they will handle your matter.5. The Two Faced

You are always careful around these ones. She will scold her child in your presence, but advise them on how to deal with you in your absence. This type of mother in law gossips with you to her co-wives and entire extended family. You will feel the pain from her betrayal, but she won’t get her hands dirty.6. The Diffuser

Once she hates you, everyone else in that house will do so too. She doesn’t have anything good to say about you and nothing you do pleases her. If your in-laws are blowing fire at your house just know that it is her that did it to you.

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7. Tester

These ones have indoctrinated their male children to see women as subservient and slaves. They make the men feel like you are lucky to be married to them. They will encourage him to test you and in many cases, test you themselves, You may be asked to wash clothes and pound yams on your first visit to show your wife materialism. Mother in laws like this wants to test the commodity before their son pays for it. Which of these mothers-in-law have you ever encountered?

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