Popular Instagram influencer Oyemykke is among the first celebrities to react to the news of Burna Boy’s decision to leave social media. He announced this latest move, yesterday on the 15th of May, 2019. This shocking statement was released after he was heavily insulted by a user on Twitter.

According to Burna Boy, his management is going to be in charge of all of his social media platforms and will be handling all content pertaining to that.

Burna Boy announces he's leaving social media after he was called out

His post came up after he had received a lot of backlash after he stated his views about issues bothering the country. Onyemykke reacted saying that they have silenced a prominent person who was ready to speak out for Nigerians.

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He shared:

Nigerians I hope you can all see that we are the Enemy?? Not just the government ?? This guy right here , never use to come on social media ( maybe because of his truth ). He wouldn’t post anything about 2 years ago & his page was as empty as a Ghost house.

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He decided to embrace social media & because he says the truth in his own way they said he is Proud, arrogant & he shouldn’t let the success from last year get into his head. Anything he says gets to them & He should better shut up.

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For management reasons another superstar has gone dark & has decided to focus on his music alone. When I start to make enough money from my other project too, I will go dark I promise. We don’t deserve the truth in this country. C’est fini.  Essentially, if we cannot stand with the truth and defend it, Nigeria will continue to suffer in silence and inaction.

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The Twitter user who insulted Burna Boy obviously doesn’t share the same perspective. This is what he told Burna below…

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“Burna Boy is overrated”, “Burna Boy needs to blow”. This was y’all in 2018, first he pisses on you all. Calls you “backward unprogressive fools”. Then disrespects Tiwa, and now Mayorkun. Man is clearly messed up.
You people hyped a wallgecko he started to think he’s a crocodile.

You would agree with me that it was a very intense thing to say… What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

Source: WithinNigeria.com

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