Burna Boy, a singer, talks about meeting a stunning female soldier.

The self-styled “Odogwu” claimed he made the decision to leave in order to avoid embarrassing himself or making a scene.

Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning musician, has revealed about his Saturday, January 8 meeting with a stunning female soldier who attracted his eye.

The musician said in a post on his Instagram story that he had met the military woman and had fallen in love with her attractiveness but had no idea how to seduce her.

The self-styled ‘Odogwu’ claimed he chose to walk away rather than addressing the soldier to make his intentions known in an effort to avoid embarrassing himself or causing a commotion because of his celebrity status.

But he said that he still thinks about her, which is why he posted about her on social media.

Burna Boy wrote,

“Na so I enter igboro yesterday wey my eye see one beautiful Army woman, I nor come sure how dem take dey toast Army woman, as I no wan loose guard naim I carry my wahala commot there.
But my mind still dey am like dis.”

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