Boy caught girlfriend with another man after lying she was travelling.

In the past, relationshps were built on trust and in privacy, but in our world of social media relatonships are thorn of deceit which are displayed for public spectators.

Just like the case of a Nigerian man who took to socal media to narrate how he saw his girlfriend with another man after she told him she was travelling home. And to make the matter worse, she was even putting on the clothing of the other man.

As I read the post, I wondered why did he not confront her immedately so that he would clear the matter but had the time to take pctures and upload on social media for others to talk about.

What is this craze of turning our private world to a public show all for a 5 seconds of fame.

Yeah the girl may have cheated, what has social media go to do with your private matter biko? Deal with it Bro.

Read the full story below;

2 days ago my Girlfriend told me she travel home and will come back in 7 days time (she left hostel, last night I called & asked “how’s is home?” She said “everything is fine” she even added other cooked stories to it. But on my way home from work! GUESS WHO I SAW???

LMFAO! I decided to take another street.. Saw my Girlfriend coming out from a beautiful compound wearing a guy’s Trouser, immediately she saw me, she began to curve like python. But it was too late…i didn’t even act like IGAF! I walked passed them. Tbf I felt somehow but 

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