Boxing legend, Mike Tyson claims Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke before being rushed to hospital

Following reports that the actor had a mysterious health crisis last month, American boxing icon Mike Tyson has revealed that Jamie Foxx had a stroke.

Boxing legend, Mike Tyson claims Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke before being rushed to hospital

The 55-year-old actor received therapy at a Chicago hospital that specialises in providing care for adults with “severe complex conditions,” including stroke recovery.

Jamie isn’t feeling well, according to ex-boxer Mike, who appeared on the Valuetainment podcast. A stroke, they said. I’m unsure of what happened to him.

Jamie, who was born Eric Bishop, was filming the action-comedy Back In Action with Cameron Diaz in Atlanta, Georgia, in April when he was admitted to hospital.

According to reports, Jamie’s health scare has thrown filming into chaos, and Cameron, 51, has been filming with body doubles in his absence.

Jamie’s daughter Corinne was among the actor’s visitors at the physical rehab centre over the weekend.

Corrine was pictured arriving at the facility, which is touted as the top rehabilitation centre in the country, and treats ‘the most severe, complex conditions’. It specialises in the treatment of severe conditions like strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

On May 12, Corrine spoke out to share an update about his condition, insisting that her father had been ‘out of the hospital for weeks’.

Corinne confirmed in a statement via Instagram that her father is currently receiving ‘great care’ and ‘is already on his way to recovery.’

Jamie is understood to have arrived at the facility in late April and is ‘recovering well’ after first getting treatment at a hospital in Atlanta.

Shortly after Jamie’s ‘stroke’, sources claimed to Page Six that he suffers from high blood pressure and that he was ‘lucky to be alive’.

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