“Body count matters more in women than men” – Twitter user

A Twitter user has used the social media site to explain why body count is more important for women than for men.

Wanji001 contends that women should not have higher death tolls since it will reflect poorly on them and their families. She implied that this is the reason why women exaggerate the number of men they had slept with.

She tweeted; 

“Our bodycount matters. And yes. If a man slept with 30 women and a woman equally slept with 30 men, it doesn’t reflect well on you as a lady. Even your family wouldn’t be proud. That’s just how it is. I don’t make the rules. You know this is true because we always lie about the number of men we’ve slept with. Why? We know the actual number is shameful. Bodycount matters. Hence we lie about it.”

Body count matters more in women than men - Twitter user

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