Blessing Okoro claims Onye Eze’s boys tortured and threatened her life (Video)

In a developing story that just came in now, our popular Blessing CEO is claiming that Onye Eze, the real owner of the house which she claimed she built on her birthday, boys tortoured and threatened her instead of the police.

In her own version of what happened on the sad day, she alleged that Onye Eze called her to invite her to his house. She innocently went not knowing what was awaiting her only for his boys to arrest and handcuff her.

She said ever since the horrible experience she passed through, her life is being threatened and people have constantly bullied her on social media.

Blessing further said that she had to speak up after the ordeal as she feels that staying silent is causing her more harm than good.

In her opinion she is slowly being killed on the internet and her reputation is sunk therefore the only way to swim to shore is by speaking out.

You may recall that Blessing Okoro was arrested by Billionaire Onye Eze, the owner of the house she claimed belongs to her, a few days ago. A video however surfaced on the internet showing her on her knees, handcuffed and confessing she does not own the house  but only came to take pictures there to claim ownership online.

Please watch her drama below and tell me if this is pro stud:

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