Betty Irabor reveals cure for depression (See all you need to know)

The popular philanthropist and founder of Genevieve Magazine took to her Instagram page in the early hours of today to talk about depression.

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She made it known in her post that getting married, buying luxurious cars, carrying designers bag can not cure depression.

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I was about 12 when I first saw a Rolls Royce. It’s owner was a guest of mum. Did I show off on that day? I earned renewed respect in the hood on Akinwunmi street.. well at least for few days! Sigh!! Yesterday I took the liberty of posing by this vintage monster of a ride In Warri. Na pose I pose o, I didn’t say it’s mine before you people will come for me!! I remember thinking while in the throes of depression that as soon as my new ride arrived I would feel better. I didn’t feel better. And that’s how it goes on; when I get married I will feel better, when I am rich I will feel better, when I have children I will feel better, when I get that designer bag I will feel better, when I move into my new house I will feel better. Truth is, things or people don’t make us feel better until we fix the cancer within and own up to the fact that we feel hollow within and need help. We carry around burdens and pains that we need to offload so we can travel light. We cannot fake true happiness, it expires as soon as we are alone and the reality of what we are masking hits us. We can lie to the world about how well we are on the outside but we can’t deceive our selves… Life is about finding joy in little abundance and trusting that our current situation is only a part of our long journey….This present challenge is only a comma in a sentence and not the full stop… Focus on what truly counts and live one day at a time. Most of us dont have it all figured out… na packaging… Don’t give up on yourself, believe in endless possibilities and don’t focus on what could have been… This is your time, make it count.

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Being a speaker and ambassador who shares promotional and modeling shots through her Instagram for her over 80,000 followers has decided to use this medium to encourage youths who think of commiting suicide due to depression.

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Betty Irabor is one of Nigeria’s seasoned writer and publisher.

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The gorgeous woman ventured into the telecommunications business and gave it all up to start Genevieve Magazine in 2003 which can be recorded as a huge success and one of the most read lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine in Nigeria.

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