BBTitans: Jaypee admits, “I have seven lovers, two are my favorites.”

She claims that two of her seven devoted partners are her favorites.

Jaypee, a housemate on Big Brother Titans, made headlines after she admitted to dating seven different guys.

The 26-year-old Nigerian woman, who was revealed on Sunday, January 15, as one of the 20 housemates for the new reality show, made this incredibly stunning admission when introducing herself to the other housemates.

She claims that two of her seven devoted partners are her favorites.

Her words,

“I have 5 to 7 men on my roster, they are mine to do with as i please. 2 of them are my favourite.”

When asked why she chose to date seven guys simultaneously, she stated that she did it in order to refute the stereotype that only men are allowed to maintain many relationships.

She added that she had grown up with her single mother and her six brothers. She chose to date seven men because she did not have a positive impression of males growing up and because of this.

Her admissions sparked a flood of comments on social media. Scroll to see some comments.

@wildcatgifty, “Dem don start Dey lie!! 5-7 men oshi.. when do you get the time to handle that much plus hustle.”

@elendaheke, “Some things should just be kept private abeg. No one is a saint, yes but abegggggg there are some things one should just shushhhh on. Doesn’t make you more woke than others. Tueh.”

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