Avoid Ruining Your Life With Fasting and Prayer, It Will Never Bring You Money – Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the general overseer of Living Faith Bible Church, recently advised his congregation to cease breaking their lives with prayer and fasting in the hopes that it will bring them prosperity.

When he revealed a certain wealth-making mystery, the clergyman was delivering a sermon on the topic of spiritual emphasis. He claimed that if no seeds have been sown, one cannot harvest.

He further advised against carrying a basket into an empty field. Hence, prayer and fasting cannot take the place of giving when it is lacking.

Additionally, he claimed that everyone feels an open heaven when they pay their tithe, unless the Bible is lying, which it can never do.

Then, since they identify as Abraham’s offspring and the convenant is charitable, he exhorts his community to uphold it. Instead of lamenting that they are short on funds, he advised them to start giving from someplace and stick to it.

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