Atiku, Tinubu or Obi: Ex-Lawmaker Finally Reveals How Nigeria’s Next President Should Emerge

The next president of Nigeria, according to Senator Shehu Sani, should be chosen through a credible, free, and open election rather than being imposed on the populace.

In a tweet, the former congressman encouraged lawmakers to put an end to the practice of buying votes, warning that it would further impede the development of the country’s democracy.

At this pivotal time in the nation, some Nigerians praised him for his wise counsel, while others believe the federal government has already addressed vote-buying through the latest CBN naira redesign policy.

The tweet sighted by reads: “The next Nigerian President should emerge through a voting process and not a bidding process.Political power should neither be bought nor sold. “Sharing money to electorates for votes is not democracy;this is the time to put an end to it.”

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