As she uploads a sweet bedroom video, a pregnant woman exclaims, “I can openly say I did this for the right man.”

She shared a sweet bedroom clip of her spouse spoiling and coddling her.

On social media, a Nigerian woman praised her husband for being wonderful and encouraging during her pregnancy.

The woman, who calls herself the “TikTok millionaire wife,” claimed that she can confidently state that she became pregnant due of the kind treatment she received from her husband while she was very pregnant.

She shared a sweet bedroom video of her husband spoiling and coddling her, and it showed how he had positioned a pillow behind her to support her growing baby.

Because her husband treats her well both on and off camera, the woman who recently gave birth to her child claims that the video was not faked for their social media audience.

The pleased woman gushed about her husband and stated,

“I can boldly say I did this FOR and WITH the right man . On and off camera that’s how it is, if I kuku post when my hubby Dey rob my back, cut my nails, wear my shoes for me, una go just die”.

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