As her boyfriend forces her to sign a police agreement to protect their relationship, Nkechi Blessing cries out.

Nkechi Blessing, a star of Nollywood, responded to her boyfriend’s unnoticed agreement comment.

Her new man went to tremendous measures to get a police order that forbids him from breaking up with her as a sign of his love for Nkechi. The pair, according to the declaration, decided that anyone who harmed their union should be sent behind bars.

Announcing the agreement on his Instagram feed.

Nkechi’s man captioned it with, “Na DPO don join us o. Who leave them arrest am”.

Nkechi Blessing responded by saying that she didn’t sign the contract.

Nkechi requested a reputable attorney on Instagram to file a lawsuit against her partner because she didn’t agree to it.

“I didn’t sign this. Abeg I need better lawyer to write this man call XXSSIVE ASAP… Cus wetin be this. Eyin fans mi Egbami ke. So like this so of I leave na prison straight”.

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