APC called for his arrest after seeing a popular video of Dunamis Church’s Pastor Paul Enenche

Pastor Enenche has been detained and ordered to be restrained by the DSS after the APC accused him of using “hate speech” and “inciting violence” in a statement.

Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis Church in Abuja has come under fire from the All Progressives Congress (APC) for delivering a “inciting sermon.”

Pastor Enenche, who strongly supports Peter Obi of the Labour Party, expressed his disgust with the way the presidential election on February 25 was handled during his sermon at his church last Sunday.

He vehemently denounced the allegations of election tampering, manipulation of the results, intimidation, child voting, and other problems.

Angrily speaking, Pastor Enenche forewarned that any attempt to undermine the will of the people will result in unfathomable repercussions for the perpetrators.

“Do the wrong thing and go down in history with honour and dignity, or do the wrong thing and go down in shame, ignominy, and infamy forever,” he concluded.

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