Anita Joseph, Blessing Obasi responds to Basira Badia’s allegations that actors who speak English received N3 million to support a politician

English-speaking performers, according to Badia, were given N3 million to support a politician.

Anita Joseph and Blessing Obasi, two Nollywood actresses, responded to allegations that English-speaking performers received N3 million to support a particular politician.

Basira Badia, a Yoruba actress, made this assertion on Sunday after Adunni Ade, a colleague, said that some Yoruba actors and actresses were paid “peanut” to support Bola Tinubu.

Adunni claimed that these celebs received the pitiful sum of N90k in exchange for their support of Tinubu when she went online to voice her disappointment in them for selling their platform.

Adunni’s remark incensed Badia, who blasted and warned her to quit spewing sludge live on Instagram.

She said, “My thing is going to Adunni Ade because I saw her video. Although she isn’t talking to me directly, she is talking to my platform, the group I belong to and I think I am part of the CGI group and I need to speak up because people have different narratives.”

She added that actors who spoke English and attended Peter Obi’s stakeholder meeting were given N3 million to support him.

“Some English actors went for a dinner date and they gave them N3million”, she said.

She continued by praising MC Oluomo for looking after her and her fellow employees without being tribalistic.

Anita Joseph criticized the actress for using Yoruba when speaking to the public in response to the video and admonished her to cease worrying about her non-Yoruba speaking audience. She did not, however, confirm or refute her assertion.

“What is this abeg hiaaa, please if you want to talk to the public add English don’t give us more headache abegiiii. INEC is enough wahala”, she commented.

Actress Blessing Obasi concurred that Badia is agitated since she is aware of her error.

“No peace for the wicked”, she commented.

It’s important to note that Badia actively promoted Tinubu, as evidenced by the abundance of images and videos from his campaign rally on her Instagram page.

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