Anger 😠as Marijuana Legalization March in 🇬🇭Ghana Blocked by👮‍♂ Police

While there is a growing acceptance for the use of marijuana, a march to raise awareness on the need to decriminalize the substance in Ghana has been blocked by authorities.
The march, which is being organized by the group, the Rastafarian Council of Ghana, was slated for May 8, but the police on Monday pushed for an injunction to halt it.
“The reason for the march was to create awareness for the public to know that cannabis is a natural plant so incarcerating its users is human right abuse.
“The plant has a lot of uses both industrial and medicinal. It’s backward to put its users in our already congested prisons because they are not criminals,” Dennis Afram, a leading member of the group told in an interview.
Members of the group are planning to take the fight against the injunction to the country’s High Court on Tuesday.
“The police is pushing for a perpetual injunction on the march because the plant is illegal but the court said it’s our right but you should provide all our official documents concerning the legality of our group. We’ve been given 10 days to do so,” said Afram.
The group had earlier been forced to postpone the intended march in April following a notice from the police that they can’t provide the needed security due to the Easter celebrations.
African governments have, over the years, been considering ways to regulate the use of marijuana due to its medicinal and economic benefits.
Source: face2face africa

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