“Angela did this… Leave my husband alone” — Woman causes a scene as she suddenly runs mad in Abuja

In an effort to track down her family members, the footage was posted online.

Chaos ensued when a woman suddenly went “crazy” and started pleading with a certain Angela to leave her husband alone at Jahi Junction in Abuja.

A woman wearing an Ankara dress and a denim jacket was seen cruising the streets and delivering a message to “Angela” in a video posted online by a Facebook user.

“Angela did this,” she said. “Leave my husband alone,” she strengthened.

The upsetting scene required onlookers to assemble and ask the woman how they might assist her.

However, the woman was angered by the inquiry and replied, “I don’t know who Angela is, or how they can find her.

“When they said ‘go to school, go to school’ you didn’t ask a dumb question. You’re not dumb f**k. Please, go to that house, you’ll see Angela.”

They were further bewildered when she pointed in that direction and said to go there to find Angela.

Anyone who knows her is urged to visit Mabushi Police Station in Abuja. The video was posted online in an effort to locate her family.

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