Anambra Extrajudicial Killings: Police Speaks On Releasing Suspected Officers

The reports of the release of suspected officers implicated in extrajudicial executions and organ trafficking in the state of Anambra have been refuted by the Nigerian Police Force.

According to a report, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the police press officer, stated in a statement that the investigation is still underway and that the alleged policemen have not been released.

He claims that Usman Akali Baba, the Inspector General of Police, has established a panel to conduct an investigation and provide a report within two weeks, and they are now working on it.

He said: “No, they are not set free. The investigation is ongoing, and the IGP has formed a panel to investigate and submit a report within two weeks. So, we are on it.”

This publication earlier reported that an anonymous Instagram blog, Gistlovers, published videos of victims in captive and morgue alleging that a senior police officer, identified as Patrick Agbazue, in Anambra state is involved in the kidnapping, murder of citizens, and selling their bodies parts as well forcefully takingownership of their properties.

The blog further alleged that Patrick and his team are worse than their predecessor, James Nwafor, who was accused of similar crimes during his tenure as head of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Anambra.

Reacting to the allegations on Friday, Adejobi said, that Patrick and other alleged accomplices reported to the force headquarters in Abuja today (Friday).

He noted that the panel set up to probe the extrajudicial killings was given two weeks to come up with a report of investigation.

Adejobi added that the IG has assured that the findings of the investigations will determine the next line of action while promising that the Nigeria Police Force will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that justice is done in the case and sanctions meted to any officers found guilty.

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