Alexx Ekubo’s private conversation with Fancy Acholonu following her apology post leaks

Following her post of a public apology, the private conversation Alexx Ekubo and his former fiancée Fancy Acholonu had was released.

It’s unclear which of them secretly filmed and released the chat.

They were debating his brief reaction to Fancy’s extensive apologetic message in the audio chat.

In the call, he acknowledged that she had discussed the apology posts she wished to write with him and that he had given his approval to the one she ultimately published.

But he said that the brief comment he made beneath her apologies post was all that was appropriate.

Then he instructed her to draught the response and send it to him so he can review it and post an alternative one if she so desires.

However, he made it clear to her that he will not make any post on his page to respond to her and he will only leave comments under her apology post if it stays up.

They also argued during the conversation,  with Alexx telling Fancy: “So, I ask you again, if you need time out to go and think about it, go and think. You’re a human being, you have a brain, you can think and process.”

“Alex, are you happy with the post?” Fancy responds.

“Fancy, please, I don’t want back and forth,” he replied.

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