Aggressive Wild Elephant Rams Pick Up Trick As Driver Refused To Wait For It To Pass (Photos)

A wild elephant rammed a pick-up truck and flipped it over because the driver refused to wait in traffic while it passed.

Shocking footage showed the animal pushing its head and trunk against the vehicle while the driver was still inside. 

The truck toppled over into the bushes and the mammal continued to sniff the truck around 80 miles east of the capital Bangkok in rural Chachoengsao province, on Saturday evening.

Shocked motorists, who said the incident was so scary they thought they were going to ‘have a heart attack’, reversed while calling the emergency services.  

The elephant disappeared back into the wilderness before the wildlife rangers arrived.

Driver Panida Anuan said: ‘The person inside the truck was safe but he had some bruises because of the fall.

‘It was so scary. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. We immediately left in case we were next.’

Panida added that she called wildlife staff, who began tracking the elephant amid fears of a repeat attack. Paramedics also arrived at took the shaken driver to the hospital where he was treated for minor bruises sustained when the vehicle was pushed over.

Officials believe the elephant attacked the pickup truck in a defensive move because the vehicle tried to continue along on the narrow road past the jumbo, instead of cutting the engine and waiting for the animal to walk through the road, which is part of its territory.

Panida said: ‘We were relieved that the driver was safe. But we are still afraid about passing through that route again.’

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