After her baby’s father denied being responsible for the pregnancy, an autistic woman welcomed a boy.

The sister also revealed that since the man who impregnated her refused to accept it, the family has taken on the duty of caring for her.

Joy, a Nigerian woman with autism, has overcome all obstacles to give birth to a healthy baby boy.

The man she alleges is responsible for the pregnancy has denied it, according to the woman’s sister, who published the news on social media.

The new mother and her vivacious baby son can be seen getting ready together in a touching video that has been posted online.

The sister also revealed that the family now cares for her because the man who caused her pregnancy refused to acknowledge it.

She continued by saying that despite the stress they had gone through, they were glad and delighted to find their sister and her child were doing well.

“This is my kid sister, her name is Joy, Joy has autism. She was already 3 months gone when my family found out she was pregnant, my elder sister called to tell me the news, we cried, prayed… we asked her who was responsible, she pointed one, we called him in he denied everything. We took responsibility of taking care of her”, the sister narrated.

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