After a Kenyan woman swallows a ring inserted in food, a surprise marriage proposal goes bad.

When an engaged Kenyan woman unintentionally ingested the engagement ring that was concealed in her food, the wedding proposal almost ended in disaster.

Jessica Hawayu had a family celebration on Sunday, March 12, at her home in Gongoni, Tana River County, according to The Nation Kenya.

She was unaware that Johannah Charo, her future spouse, and the family had planned a surprise engagement party.

With food being prepared by family members, the day got off to a wonderful start. Jessica was tasked with preparing her father’s preferred lunch.

“Pilau is our father’s favourite and also her boyfriend’s. So she knew she was doing it for dad and dedicated herself to it,” said her sister, Melanie Hawayu.

While waiting for the go-ahead from his girlfriend’s family, the boyfriend and his friends hung out in the neighborhood.

They got a text at around 2pm telling them to start moving toward the location as the tables were being arranged.

The woman’s mother and the lady’s boyfriend devised a scheme to hide the engagement band in a serving of pilau, where she would find it.

“Dad had protested the idea but since there was no better idea, we decided to take a chance with the one we had and proceeded with it,” Melanie revealed.

Serving the food, Jessica’s mother kept sending her off on chores while burying the ring in the dish.

Charo had snuck inside the property and was going to come out from behind the girlfriend’s bench.

When his lover began choking on the meal, Charo’s tiptoe approach to the table was halted in its tracks by the laughter and joy at the table.

She rose from the table and rushed to her father, who struck her three times on the back before she threw up the ring. Everyone tried to save her.

“We did not anticipate that would happen, but dad feared it would. That was so close, it left mum crying,” said Oscar Habil, Jessica’s younger brother.

After collapsing, Jessica was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Charo insisted that he would marry her whether she was living or deceased, but she awoke to answer, “Yes,” with the engagement band already on her finger.

“I have learned a very hard lesson, that is how we would have killed my wife. The devil is a liar,” said Charo in a phone interview.

Despite the fact that things did not go as expected, Jessica says she does not feel terrible about the family’s plans because they all wanted to make her day special.

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