Adult model who is now living celibately explains why no man would be allowed to have sex with her.

She claimed that this event has caused her to worry about who she is sleeping with and their motives for doing so.

Neyleen Ashley, an adult model and social media personality, has shared her motivation for choosing celibacy.

No man deserves to sleep with the 34-year-old model, who has 3 million Instagram followers, so she has vowed never to engage in sexual activity again.

She claimed that the males she meets are simply interested in her body and not establishing meaningful connections, which enrages her during real-life sexual experiences.

Neyleen, who apparently earns $55,000 per month through OnlyFans, claimed that following her most recent relationship, she had this epiphany.

‘I decided to be celibate after my ex told me he didn’t want to be a father or a husband, and he wasn’t living his truth,’ the model told Nude PR. ‘I found myself having to scramble for a place to go, after leaving his place, and having to go to work and take care of my two kids, 11 and 15, while enduring heartbreak.

“The breakup and pain I endured put such a bad taste in my mouth about sex. Now the enjoyment and euphoria I once got from sex is gone.”

She claimed that her partner broke up with her soon after she had a miscarriage, just when she needed him the most for understanding and support.

Neyleen, who disclosed that she was a “recovering sex addict,” was devastated by the occurrence and swore to remain celibate and not give her body to any man.

“I was four months into my pregnancy with a baby girl, I even had a gender reveal — but I lost the baby at month four,’ she said.

“Less than a month later, still bleeding from the miscarriage, my ex told me he didn’t want to be with me anymore.’

She claimed that this event has caused her to worry about who she is sleeping with and their motives for doing so.

“I’m afraid of people that just want to use me for sex, and never get to know me as a person, or my heart,’ she said. ‘I believe that energies get transferred through sexual intercourse and throughout the last few years, sex made me feel empty afterwards.

Never fulfilled, never loved… I felt like a rag doll.’

I was a sex addict for a long time. I couldn’t leave the house because I was at home masturbating and had to have sexual release multiple times a day, if not, I just couldn’t function.

It felt like a cigarette. I had to take a puff off, or I couldn’t go about my day without my fix.

That also came with the attention I was trying to receive from men, the sexting, the pictures back and forth, the dopamine hits I got from successfully pursuing them.

But still left me starving, because I was settling for crumbs in people, instead of loving myself. Now I only love myself – in every way – I’m practicing self-healing, self-love, and self-soothing, and giving myself the energy I previously gave to others.”

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