Actress Etinosa Idemudia argues in favor of touts: “You will never value agberos until your car breaks down on the road.”

According to Etinosa, if the government is prepared to help them get back on their feet, they can put their skills to good use.

Etinosa Igbemudia, a Nollywood actress, has turned to social media to defend goons known as “Agberos.”

In her Instagram story, Etinosa said that the majority of Agberos are adept in a variety of mechanical tasks and could simply need rehabilitation.

People might not understand the value of agberos, according to her, until their car breaks down while they are driving and they need someone to fix it.

According to the mother of one, if the government is prepared to assist in their rehabilitation, they can put their skills to good use.

She wrote,

“Until your car spoils on the road you will never value agberos. Some of them are so skilled. I feel rehabilitation is very much possible by a willing government but some government will rather use them as thugs.
I didn’t call anybody’s name.”

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