Actress Chika Ike stirs up controversy by posting pictures of men aboard a private plane under the caption “My godfathers.”

People are flocking to her comment area to raise questions about the nature of her relationship with the men in response to the photographs, which have sparked conflicting emotions online.

Chika Ike, a well-known Nollywood actress, stirred some discussion online when she shared pictures of herself traveling in a private plane with her “god father.”

The actor recently traveled to Kumasi, Ghana, to take part in the inauguration of the African Union Aviation’s “My Home Town” charitable initiative.

While there, she posted a picture of herself posing in a private jet with two older men on Instagram. She also wrote a touching tribute to one of them, whom she referred to as her “god father.”

She thanked him for being a great source of support for her and added that his family helps to keep her grounded.

The actress, 37, captioned the images while sporting a stunning Kente dress.

“I’m so blessed to have a great support system. My Godfather and family keep me grounded always.

“ Never forget who you are and always remember where you’re coming from. Always stay grounded and humble. 
As he always says…”

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