Actor RMD celebrates daughter as she graduates from high school

– Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo has taken to social media to celebrate his daughter who recently graduated from high school – He shared an adorable photo from her graduation day and accompanied it with a powerful prayer

Prolific and ever-green Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, popularly known as RMD has cause to celebrate as his daughter recently graduated from high school. He took to social media to celebrate the good news with a cute photo of himself and his beautiful young daughter. His caption however, has got many people in awe.

RMD shared a beautiful celebratory message in the form of a prayer. He wrote: “Dear daughter, I am super proud of the young woman you’re evolving into. I’m excited to see you graduate high school and as you go on to college, here’s my prayer:•May you choose what is right over what is popular.•May you not be too ignorant to know that you don’t need to prove anything to the world. •May you not be too arrogant to tell yourself the truth no matter how bitter.•May you not be too uneducated to decipher when you read.•May you never be afraid to speak the truth, even as a lone voice, speak the truth.•May you not be too quick to speak, respond or make a point that you end up making no sense. •May your popularity not be in what you own or how you look, but may they be in tangible, measurable achievements of your decent hard work.•May you not just be proud of what you’ve achieved but may you be proud of how you achieved it.•May your vocabulary be as expansive as your ambition.•May you NEVER forget whose child you are and I don’t mean Mom and I, I mean God, who is your father, we are just your earthly parents.•May God’s wisdom guide your every waking decision in Jesus name, Amen #LoveGod ##LoveYourself #BeKind #WinIt #KnowThyself #rmdsaysso”

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