Abandoned New Born Baby Found Dead Under Bridge In Kwara (Photo)

On Friday, the Kwara State Police Command discovered a newborn baby under the Oke-Foma bridge in the Ita-Nma area of Ilorin metropolis.

The baby was found abandoned by an unidentified person and was evacuated by police operatives at about 12.10pm on Friday.

Unfortunately, the police could not confirm whether the abandoned baby was dead or alive at the time of evacuation. However, in a phone chat with a correspondent, the spokesman of the state police command, Okasanmi Ajayi, confirmed that the baby was discovered dead and had been taken to the mortuary.

According to reports, the abandoned baby was bathed and fully kitted before it was dropped under the bridge. It is unclear who left the baby under the bridge and what their motive was for doing so.

Abandoning newborn babies in public places is a common occurrence in some parts of Nigeria, and it is usually attributed to poverty, stigma, and lack of access to family planning services. Many babies abandoned in this manner end up dying from exposure, malnutrition, or other causes.

This incident highlights the need for increased efforts to provide access to family planning services and to educate the public about the dangers of abandoning newborn babies in public places. It is important that everyone, especially young women and mothers, know that there are resources available to them if they are struggling with unwanted pregnancies or are unable to care for their newborns.

It is also crucial for law enforcement agencies to investigate cases of baby abandonment and bring the perpetrators to justice. The act of abandoning a baby is not only illegal but also cruel and inhumane. Efforts must be made to prevent such occurrences and protect the lives of innocent children.

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